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This is the site where you will find home-grown applications, information about trends in both data and computer science fields of research. Sample code is available on the website to be used within your projects.  Sample data-sets can be downloaded for training and testing.

There are numerous games and utilities that can be downloaded from the application section and nearly all sample applications are built in javascript using the electron toolkit.

There are some useful Deep Learning examples developed in Python using the the PyTorch Framework and the Yolo Version 4 object/image-classification toolkit.

The Knowledge Base Application

There is also a knowledge-base application which can be downloaded from the applications page. There are also numerous knowledge-base files which can be downloaded - then viewed or edited by the knowledge-base application. Some are reference material for various Azure Exams; instructions to administer SQLServer Databases, and how build a machine learning pipeline in Azure ML.

Retro Games

If you are up to it there are some clones of popular games played in the 70s, and 80s. These are all developed in electron/javascript and are quite large and some are 100M in size but don't be alarmed everything to run the application is kept within the file.  Hopefully,  sometime in the future all the applications featured on this site will have both a Mac and Linux version available for download.

The Petri-Net

The Petri-Pipe is a utility designed to build a petri-net supporting all the modern extensions including colour, mutliple tokens, and inhibitor arcs. Petri Nets were devised way back in 1962 by a German Computer Scientist - Adam Petri - he devised a visual language to describe chemical reactions. He later adpated this language to model concurrent computer systems. Petri Net's are sometimes call place/transition diagrams where the place represent a state and a transition represents the process or activity. Place and Transitions are joined together by one or more arcs. Arcs also have an associated direction (represented by the arrow head) and a weight (the tokens consumed by the arc or required by the Transition to fire). Tokens also indicate the current active state of the network.

Currently, there are no nice tools that are able to capture the power of Adam Petri's language. I decide to develop Petri-Pipe to fill in the gap. Petri-Pipe is an electron application that can be downloaded from the Application/Utilities section.


YATT (Yet Another Tagging Tool) is a tool that tags and prepares images for Deep Learning.  A YATT archive is a zip file that contains both images and definition files which can be later processed by Deep Learning frameworks and toolkits for training purposes.

About Myself

Thanks for visiting, I am Data Scientist living in Australia's Nations Capital - Canberra. I have been working with Computers in one form or another for over 40 years - yes that is right  - that long. During that time, I have developed an understanding of the IT landscape from the rise and fall of mainframes; to  the rise and fall of client server applications; and the recent rise of the internet.

I am very fond of Python and Node.js as programming languages and almost all applications available on this website are built with one of those languages (if not both). I am a prolific computer programmer, data scientist and are able to solve many complex computational problems given the time to do so.

I really like the Yolo (You Only Look Once) deep learning framework for both image classification and object detection. Yolo is a very easy framework to use and tune especially Yolo's hyper parameters. Furthermore, Yolo can be easily adapted to work on Microsoft's Azure Machine Learning Platform.

My interests include, classical music (Led Zeppelin, Jethro Tull, etc), tennis (I used to be a good player, however I have succumbed to age), woodwork and the piano/keyboard. I have a lovely wife, beautiful daughter and two dogs.

I am currently working as a Data and AI  Cloud Solution Architect at IBM based in Australia's National Capital - Canberra.